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To demonstrate your commitment to improving healthcare through the provision of high-quality, trusted health information, or to use our content in other ways, you may wish to consider:

There are a number of ways you can share one of the world’s best patient information resources with your patients: 

Keep reading, or call +44 (0)1235 523 233 to hear more.

Bespoke picture-generation service

Do you have a great product or device? Keep patients and HCPs up to date with our bespoke series of one-page picture leaflets. This content is perfect for use on your product information sites or in internal training materials, or as part of your commitment to support medical education.

Once approved by our medical advisory board, we will put together a tailored selection of bespoke, professionally drawn illustrations coupled with clear key notes authored by practising experts. We will host the approved content on and provide you with the licensing rights to reproduce the content where you see fit.

Be a part of a practical digital initiative that is tried, tested and, most importantly, trusted.

Contact us on +44 (0)1235 523 233 for more information or email us at

Advertising and sponsorship

To find out about sponsoring the entire Patient Pictures website with your logo at the top of every page, or other more targeted sponsorship and advertising options, please visit our How to advertise page.

Contact us to hear how you can use as a ready-made platform on which to build your new communities, or to add value to existing user groups.


To license any of the Patient Pictures content for use on your own website, online community or presentations, visit our Licensing page.

Your own Patient Pictures app

A mobile app can set you apart from the competition and help you build a closer and longer-lasting relationship with your target audience.

Your Patient Pictures app will include:

  • Your branding
  • Bespoke content, selected by you
  • Exclusive use for your patients or clinicians
  • iPhone, iPad and Android functionality

To discuss how an app can help your brand by giving your target audience a practical tool they value, contact us today.

Personalised post-its

Recommend to your patients using our special post-it notes.

Write the name of the condition, test or procedure on a Patient Pictures post-it and hand it to your patient so they can look up the information in their own time on a website that you know they can trust.

Choose the default PP design (see below; free samples while available) or talk to us about customising the post-its with your organisation’s name and details. post-it pads

Content for your practice

Would you like to offer your patients a Patient Pictures service that is branded with your own organisation’s name and logo?

What do you get?

  • Your own url:
  • A bespoke selection of clinical drawings (license existing content or commission new picture leaflets)
  • Restricted access, just for your patients
  • Reports – showing who has visited and how often


To explain conditions, tests or procedures to your patients in their first language contact us for more information on translations.

To talk about any of these opportunities or if we can help with any other enquiry, contact us on  +44 (0)1235 523 233 or email us at