About Patient Pictures

Pictures are powerful tools that can help healthcare professionals explain conditions, tests and treatments to patients. These pictures must be: clear, accurate and relevant, and this is what we aim to deliver on this site. Our format is simple – straightforward drawings with informative labels opposite readable explanatory text. Welcome!

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Ensuring editorial independence

PatientPictures.com is an independent site created in collaboration with world experts and award-winning illustrators. All content is drafted and rubberstamped by them and they confirm they are 100% happy with each picture spread before we publish.

Patient Pictures supports best practice in healthcare worldwide, to benefit patients and practitioners alike, and we welcome dialogue with everyone who shares this goal. To this end, we invite comments from medical societies and educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and patient groups who communicate, day in day out, with individuals living with the condition. All feedback is sent to our authors to consider, though they are under no obligation to make changes.

Above all, we ask our authors and illustrators to 'think reader', and we are particularly grateful to patients who give feedback to help this process.

Patient Pictures is a trademark of Health Press Limited, publishers of Fast Facts – the ultimate medical handbook series, and other titles for healthcare professionals. Patient Pictures started as a book series in 1994 based on an idea originated by J Richard Smith and illustrated by Dee McLean.

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